Chocolate Covered Peeps For Your Easter Basket

Just in time for Easter, Just Born Inc.,  Bethlehem, Pa., rolls out Peeps Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Chicks, the first time its iconic Peeps Chick shape has been covered in chocolate. Available in Creamy Milk Chocolate and Rich Dark Chocolate, they are wrapped in conveniently sized 1-oz. single-serve packages for your Easter basket or just a fun treat.

Just Born also welcomes new Peeps Orange Marshmallow Chicks and Bunnies into the growing Peeps family. They are available in all of the season’s favorite colors: yellow, pink, blue, lavender, green and orange.

Eating Peeps brings a smile to people of all ages, so it is no surprise that Just Born produces enough Peeps in one year to circle the Earth twice. According to the company, it takes six minutes to create one Peeps chick, and consumers do curious things with them – age them for a different consistency, microwave them (they expand greatly!), freeze them, roast them and even cook with them.

“We are really excited about this new offering,” says brand manager Chris Schneeweiss. “We chose the chick shape because it is a popular Easter icon that everyone loves.  We wanted to appeal to all taste buds, so we are offering this item in both milk and dark chocolate. These Peeps will please loyal fans and entice newcomers, perhaps becoming our biggest hit ever.”

Suggested retail price is less than $1.

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