Couplings Provide High Torsional Stiffness For Precision Positioning

Zero-Max's ServoClass Couplings are available for challenging AC and DC servomotor applications.
The couplings provide high torsional stiffness for precision positioning and have zero-backlash and low hysteresis, ensuring repeatable precise positioning. They are ideal for applications requiring high speed reversing loads and accurate positioning repeatability including automation and packaging.

Three new sizes have been added to the Zero-Max ServoClass coupling line. They handle bore diameters from 0.875 in (20mm) to 1.378 in. (35mm) and operating torque from 3937 to 9843 in. lbs (100 to 250 Nm). Many additional sizes are available starting with the smallest bore size 0.157 in (4 mm) and larger. Download 2D and 3D CAD files or see more information at Zero-Max website:
Product Type:
Automation & control systems