Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) Onions Won't Cause Tearing

Handling and preparing onions can be time consuming, and in their raw form, can literally bring tears to the eyes. The characteristic pungency of onion is toned down when sautéed, but this is an extra step that food processors and foodservice professionals must take to get the much desired sautéed flavor. This step is eliminated when using VDF IQF Sauteed Onion Products.

Using an IQF product allows all the goodness of the onion to be added, while still retaining some piece identity. IQF Sauteed Onion Products from Van Drunen Farms are natural, easy to handle and available year-round.

Applications for VDF IQF Sautéed Onion Products include sauces, meat-based products, pizza, and frozen entrees. Van Drunen Farms offers IQF Sautéed Onion Products in multiple dices and strips form.
Product Type:
Fruits, nuts, vegetables
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