Image Sensor Delivers Vision Inspection in Hard-to-Access Areas

Banner Engineering introduces the iVu Remote Touch Screen Display which delivers vision inspection to hard-to-access areas.

The iVu Remote Display has the same programming interface as the iVu's integrated touch screen, which speeds operator training and reduces installation time. One display can be used to program multiple iVu sensors. Remote Series Sensors operate independently of the Remote Display, so the display can also be hot-swapped—minimizing downtime when reprogramming sensors to satisfy new application requirements.

Connected via a 3-foot (1 m) to 50-foot (16 m) cable, the Remote Display facilitates access to the user interface and allows personnel to view inspection images from a distance. The feature proves particularly beneficial in certified application environments, where personnel access could compromise the integrity of the area—thus leading to downtime and potential recertification costs.
Product Type:
Inspection equipment
Banner Engineering Corp.