The Flexible Way to Control Temperature

Developed from the Original Goff's Curtain Wall, Climate Curtains are double paneled vinyl curtain walls lined with Thinsulate Ultra Insulation from 3M to provide flexible, climate control isolation for a variety of applications including freezer and cooler areas, loading docks, food processing lines, and warehouse separation.

Goff's Climate Curtains feature thermal valences and floor sweeps that dramatically reduce temperature loss along outer portions of the panels.  The overlapping panel design enables the curtains to maintain an insulation factor of R-5 throughout the entire curtain.  An R-20+ can be achieved by installing multiple layers.

Constructed with 18 oz coated vinyl, available in 7 colors, Climate Curtains come in 60-inch wide panels in any height and are custom made to fit each application. Goff's Climate Curtains meet NFPA 701 Standards for fire resistance, feature full hook and loop fasteners along rolled, finished side edges, and are double locked stitched using mildew and rot resistant thread. Utilizing the optional galvanized steel track and roller system, integrated doorways are available for easy access.  

Product Type:
Plant safety