Sargento Lowers Sodium in Six Cheeses

Consumers, regulators and health groups are increasingly watching sodium intake as many refer to high-sodium diets as the single greatest problem with American nutrition. The average daily sodium intake is now 4,000mg, about twice the government's recommended amount for the average consumer. Health experts claim that if consumers reduced sodium by 1g per day, it would equate to 25 percent less sodium in the American diet.

Plymouth, Wis.-based Sargento Foods Inc. launches a line of six Sargento Reduced Sodium cheeses which offer great flavor for health-conscious consumers looking to indulge their passion for cheese without having to sacrifice taste. With 25 percent less sodium, the new cheeses are worthy substitutes for regular natural cheese in both cooking and snacking.

"With almost 50 percent of consumers reading food labels for sodium content, we're responding to consumers' interest in lowering their daily intake," says Chris Groom, core marketing director. "However, we only wanted to launch the line if we could still provide the great tasting natural cheese that consumers love, which this line does successfully."

Varieties include: Shredded Reduced Sodium Mild Cheddar ($3.09); Sliced Reduced Sodium Colby-Jack Cheese $3.49); Reduced Sodium String Cheese (12 pack for $4.39); Reduced Sodium Colby-Jack Snack Sticks (12 pack for $4.39); Shredded Reduced Sodium Mozzarella ($3.09) and Sliced Reduced Sodium Provolone Cheese (10 thin slices for $3.49).

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