Malaysian Kopi-O Coffee Made from Liberica beans

There's a new coffee on the horizon. The centuries-old Malaysian Kopi, named Asia's best coffee by The Wall Street Journal, is a must-have for serious coffee lovers.

With its distinctive burnt flavor derived from roasting coffee beans with butter and sugar, kopi is quite different from the brews sold throughout the U.S. Coffee historians believe that bitter-tasting Liberica beans from Africa were introduced to Malaysia sometime in the 1800's. The unusual roasting method was developed to camouflage the harsh taste. Kopi is brewed by pouring boiling water through a cloth filter and then sweetened with condensed milk.

In a part of the world renowned for its tea, the Malaysian passion for Kopi has resulted in hundreds of "Kopitiam," Malaysian-style coffee shops where java lovers can order a "western" style breakfast of eggs and toast with their favorite brew. The coffee-culture popularized by global chains such as Starbucks has resulted in an explosion of these modern kopitiam throughout Kuala Lumpur. 

"Coffee is a reflection of the multi-ethnic culture of Malaysia," says Dean Indot of Belacan Grill, a Malaysian bistro in Tustin, Calif. "One can find distinct styles of coffee in every region. What makes Malaysian coffee so special is the variety of long-established roasting techniques that bring out the bold, robust flavor. Add plenty of condensed and evaporated milk and there you have it – a perfect cup of Kopi."
Until Kopi is widely available in the U.S., American coffee connoisseurs who can't wait to taste this unique Malaysian specialty can order kopi at

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