Lifestyle Foods Launches Grab-And-Go Breakfast Kit

According to the USDA, eating breakfast is key to keeping the body's metabolism and blood sugar stable throughout the day. An increase in metabolism is not the only health benefit. Studies show that eating a balanced morning meal increases both energy level and mood. Brain chemicals like serotonin send "feel good" messages that ultimately make you happier throughout the day.

York, Pa.-based Lifestyle Foods launches the Breakfast Kit, which combines a high-quality assortment of delicious and filling options for the office, school day or travel. High in both vitamin C and calcium, the Breakfast Kit makes an excellent choice for a low-calorie meal on the run. It is an energizing combination of a low-fat yogurt, graham crackers, fresh natural orange juice, all-natural granola bar, and raisins. Each component is designed to suit taste preferences: Mix the raisins in the yogurt. Dip your graham cracker. Prefer to eat the creamy yogurt by itself? Leave your utensils at home—a spoon is included. Each ingredient is packaged separately, providing the option to save the granola bar or raisins to eat as a snack later in the day.

Suggested retail price ranges between $3.49 and $3.99.

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