Cherry Raisinets Contain Half A Serving Of Fruit

On the heels of its introduction of Cranberry Raisinets, Glendale, Calif.-based Nestle USA adds Cherry Raisinets to the line. Made with Montgomery Tart Cherries and covered with Nestle Dark Chocolate, a quarter-cup contains half a serving of real fruit.

"Trying to make smart eating choices to maintain a healthy weight is a great approach, but many people make the mistake of depriving themselves of some of the foods they love," says Laurie MacDonald, a registered dietician with Nestle USA. "This is a recipe for diet disaster because most people eventually give in to their cravings. A better approach is to allow for foods that you enjoy in moderation. Cherry Raisinets are an ideal better-for-you treat: you can enjoy the indulgent flavor with less guilt."

Suggested retail price for a 4-oz resealable, stand-up bag is $3.29.
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