SaltTrim Products Help Reduce the Amount of Sodium in Processed Foods

The Food and Drug Administration recently reported an effort to gradually reduce sodium levels in processed foods. The intention of these potential guidelines is not only to gradually reduce sodium in processed foods, but to also adjust the American public’s eating habits to incorporate a less salty diet. Eating less sodium has the potential to prevent thousands of deaths from hypertension and heart disease. These regulations to the amount of sodium in processed foods would be the first time legal limits would be enforced on the amount of salt in food products.
Wild Flavors' line of SaltTrim products includes three salt reduction solutions.  SaltTrim is designed to reduce up to 50% of sodium; working in concert with potassium chloride in the finished product. Potassium chloride is an ingredient typically used in processed foods when salt is removed. However, this ingredient has noticeable bitter taste characteristics. Wild’s SaltTrim helps alleviate the intense bitterness and metallic off-tastes and allows for customization in levels of potassium chloride in the finished product.  
SaltTrim Plus is a flavor modification product that combines potassium chloride with natural SaltTrim for a one to one replacement of salt. 
Wild’s latest offering in this line, Sea SaltTrim utilizes low sodium sea salt, naturally rich in potassium chloride and other minerals.  Sea SaltTrim provides a one for one replacement for salt, helping reduce sodium in finished applications by up to 45%. Sea SaltTrim allows a label statement of "sea salt, natural flavor" and provides a unique marketability by using the gourmet image of sea salt.
These customized sodium reduction technologies help create opportunities for meaningful product claims, and also deliver a full, rich salty taste in a wide variety of reduced-sodium foods and beverages.  Wild is here to assist in helping you meet the proposed FDA guidelines for your product – utilizing the best technology to meet the complex taste requirements of your application and consumer market.
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