HE Robot Available for Humid and Wet Environments

Stäubli Robotics, manufacturers of technologically advanced industrial and cleanroom robots, introduced an anti-corrosive version of its six-axis robot series; TX40, TX60 and TX90. The HE robot models offer a higher level of resistance to moderately acidic, basic or oxidizing environments.

These Stäubli models have been specifically designed for applications in which the robot comes into contact with high humidity, water, and various liquids such as detergents, cleaning solvents or cooling liquids. These robots are ideally suited for use in applications such as food processing (wash down) applications.

The robot structure is IP65 while the wrist is IP67 and critical parts such as the flange and other internal components are made out of stainless steel. Prior to final assembly and painting of the robot arm, all surfaces are specially treated for a better anti-corrosive behavior and a higher scratch resistance.

Other unique features of the robot version are specialized lip seals and a pressurization unit which provides positive pressure inside of the arm that further enhances the resistance to moisture intrusion of the arm. The interconnection cables and mounting holes are located underneath the arm which provides a perfect seal around the base of the arm protecting all connections and eliminating contamination collection areas.
Product Type:
Material handling
Staubli Robotics