Pea Starch Offers Clean Label Alternative to Modified Starch

American Key Food Products now offers native pea starch, a clean label alternative to modified starches. Its high amylose content gives the ingredient better thickening, gelling and film-forming properties. It also exhibits properties such as stability under high temperature, acid and shear similar to modified starches.

Hot viscosity of pea starch remains low and stable, reaching high values only after cooling.  Rapid increase of viscosity during cooling produces a strong, firm and sliceable gel which is an advantage in cheese and meat applications.  Pea starch also forms a gel at a much lower usage level than other starches.

The applications for this pea starch include:
  • Water binding in meat and fish products
  • Stability for aseptic processing of meats, soups and sauces
  • Water binding and gel formation in baking and dairy products
  • Crispiness and volume improvement in extruded snacks
Product Type:
Starches & flours
American Key Food Products