Solbar Launches a new Isolated Soy Protein for Beverages

Solbar launched Solpro 735, a calcium fortified Isolated Soy Protein, for use in a wide range of beverage applications.

The product is of creme/off-white color and with bland flavor profile maintaining low viscosity. It is dispersible in cold water and requires minimal preparation time.

Solpro 735 is designed for beverage applications where calcium fortification is required. It can be used with dry beverage blends and other powdered drinks to be reconstituted with water and or juice prior to consumption. Solpro 735 can be used in ready to drink beverages as well as those that are UHT processed. Major applications are for calcium fortified soy milk and other soy beverages.

Product Type:
Soy protein & isoflavones
Solbar Industries