Breyers Introduces Smooth & Dreamy Ice Cream Bars and Sandwiches

Englewood Cliffs, N.J.-based Unilever North America expands its Breyers Smooth & Dreamy ice cream line with the introduction of new ice cream bars and sandwiches, as well as two new varieties of All Natural 1/2 Fat packaged ice cream.

Now ice cream fans can take their Breyers on the go with Smooth & Dreamy ice cream bars and sandwiches. With only 120-160 calories and 4-6g of fat per serving, Smooth & Dreamy ice cream bars are made with extra creamy light ice cream and contain no artificial colors or flavors. The line includes: Triple Chocolate Chip bars, Chocolate Covered Strawberry bars, Vanilla Caramel Chip bars, Vanilla Fudge Brownie sandwiches, Chocolate Caramel Brownie sandwiches and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough sandwiches.

Breyers also introduces two new varieties of Smooth & Dreamy All Natural 1/2 Fat packaged ice cream in Dark Chocolate Velvet and Coffee Fudge Brownie flavors. They contain half the fat and at least 20 percent fewer calories than regular ice cream.

Three new varieties of ice cream sandwiches from Klondike also debut. They include Peanut Butter Chocolate, Oreo and Mrs. Fields ice cream sandwiches. Popsicle has new treats available: <B>Popsicle Jolly Rancher</B> ice pops are bursting with bold, fruity flavors -- Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Grape and Sour Apple. At 45 calories, each serving (one pop) is made with 10 percent fruit juice, is fat free and provides 10 percent of the daily value for vitamin C.

There is also news from Dora the Explorer. In celebration of Dora's 10th anniversary, Popsicle Dora the Explorer pops in Grape, Watermelon, Berry and Orange varieties have transitioned to the Slow Melt line this summer. With a touch of gelatin, these ice pops stay frozen for longer than regular Popsicle pops, which means less mess for moms and longer-lasting fun for kids. Each serving (two ice pops) is 60 calories, contains 10 percent fruit juice, is fat free, is made with natural colors and flavors and provides 100 percent of the daily value for vitamin C.

Suggested retail price for Smooth & Dreamy is $4.29, Dreamy All Natural 1/2 Fat retails for $5.49-$5.99, and $3.99 for a 20-pack of Popsicles.

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