Software Delivers Mobile Supply Chain and Logistics Operations

Airclic launched Food Perform,  a SaaS-based product for improved delivery and payment processing in the food distribution industry.
Food Perform is the industry-leading product formerly known as 20/20 Delivery for Food Distribution being used by many leading food distribution companies. Food Perform can improve visibility in the mobile supply chain, eliminate paperwork and remove manual data entry processes. Food Perform also allows users to manage over, short and damaged (OSD) items as well as process payments in the field, a key requirement for the food distribution industry.

Airclic's Food Perform offers

  • 360-degree insight into the entire food distribution process
  • Real-time operational reports 
  • Graphical dashboards with maps views of business operations
  • Ability to process payments and invoice in the field
  • Perform "load confirmation"
  • Advanced ability to track SLA performance measures
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