Rice Bran Protein and Rice Dietary Fiber Available For U.S. Food Manufacturers

CJ CheilJedang Corp. announced the availability of RiPro 80, a rice bran protein, and Riber 50, a rice bran fiber.

CJ has produced RiPro80, a protein derived from brown rice and extracted from rice bran. The powder is naturally vegan protein in powder form and can be used for a variety of food and beverage applications because it is not only hypo-allergenic and gluten-free, but also contains no cholesterol or GMOs.

RiPro 80 features all nine essential amino acids and is highly digestible, making it useful for natural and health foods, including cereals, snacks, protein bars, drinks and mixes, as well as baby food, confectionary products and baked goods, and meats.

Riber 50 is a natural dietary fiber extracted from rice bran that is both non-GMO and hypo-allergenic. Composed of mostly insoluble fibers, Riber 50 is rich in minerals including magnesium and phosphorus, giving it multi-functionality and making it suitable for a wide range of processed goods including bakery and confectionary products, such as whole grain breads, cereals and baking mixes; health foods and supplements; noodle/pasta products, as well as meats.

Both RiPro 80 and Riber 50 have a mild taste, allowing them to be used in a variety of foods and applications. In comparison to standard white rice, rice bran contains fewer carbohydrates but provides higher levels of protein and fiber.

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