Jimmy D's Rolls Out Frozen Breakfasts For Families

Children 6-13 consume the most frozen breakfast foods, according to The NPD Group. So, just in time for the back-to-school season, Sara Lee North American Retail, Downers Grove, Ill., rolls out Jimmy Dean brand Jimmy D's breakfasts, all with 210 calories or less and 7g or more protein for kids and tweens.

Conveniently microwavable and ready to eat in less than two minutes, Jimmy D's breakfasts help moms start their kids' day off right with a warm, balanced breakfast when combined with a serving of fruit and a glass of fat-free milk. Varieties include:

  • French Toast Griddlers,a cinnamon glazed French toast breakfast sandwich with Jimmy Dean turkey sausage. With 210 calories and 8g of protein, it is a good source of protein and contains vitamins and minerals such as iron, niacin and folate. The sandwich contains 8g of fat, 2g of saturated fat and 390mg of sodium.
  • Griddle Sticks, containing a Jimmy Dean turkey sausage link wrapped in maple pancake batter on a stick. At 160 calories and 7g of protein, Griddle Sticks are a good source of protein, phosphorus and niacin. They contain 6g of fat, 1.5g of saturated fat and 410mg of sodium.
  • French Toast Duos, two cinnamon glazed French toast sticks and two Jimmy Dean turkey sausage links. At 210 calories and 12g of protein, they are an excellent source of protein and a good source of iron, B vitamins (including riboflavin, thiamine and vitamin B12), folate and zinc. They have 10g of fat, 2.5g of saturated fat and 440mg of sodium.

Timed to the launch, Jimmy Dean introduces new website content to educate moms and their families about the importance of protein and the benefits of a balanced breakfast with protein (www.jimmydean.com/protein). And Sara Lee's ads introduce three new characters -- villains named Crabby, Slow-Mo and Dim Wit — who represent what happens when school-aged children eat the wrong breakfast or no breakfast at all, according to Brandweek.

"On days when her family has important events and much to accomplish, mom is especially aware of the value of starting the day with a hearty breakfast that provides energy for herself and her kids," says Daryl Gormley, vice president of breakfast and snacking at Sara Lee North American Retail. "At Jimmy Dean, we know that eating a balanced breakfast that includes protein can help give you the fuel you need to start off your morning right and focus on all of the important things you have planned for the day rather than on your hunger."

Suggested retail price is $4.99.

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