In California, Sausage Is All About The Pork

San Leandro, Calif.-based Saag's Specialty Meats, a Hormel Foods brand, expanded its line of Naturals sausage with the addition of three pork sausages -- Smoked Pork, Calabrese and Andouille -- and one breakfast link -- Pork Links. They debut in Bay Area independent grocers, Andronico's, Mollie Stone's, Lunardi's, and the new Sprouts Farmers Market in Sunnyvale.

Saag's Naturals use whole, natural ingredients and do not contain preservatives, fillers or MSG. Made from premium cuts of pork, custom spice blends and fresh ingredients, Saag's Naturals pork sausages are coarsely ground and packed in all-natural casings. Calabrese is a moderately spicy Italian style sausage with fennel and crushed red chilies. The zesty flavor of Andouille is built around Cajun seasoning and naturally hickory smoked. Smoked Pork is just that, naturally hickory smoked. Pork Link breakfast sausages combine sage and crushed red pepper to start the day with some kick. Saag's applies classic sausage-making techniques, based on its German and Swiss heritage.

"Our natural chicken sausages have been very popular among consumers looking for minimally processed, fully cooked sausage," explains Saag's president, Tim Dam. "We saw a niche for pork sausage, beyond the breakfast link, because so many people are rediscovering pork and many chefs have renewed interest in the flavors only pork can add to a dish."

Suggested retail price is $5.99 to $6.99 for each 12 oz package.
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