Steamazing! Technology Powers Partnership

Schaumburg, Ill-based Amazing Food Creations! LLC brings its patented Steamazing! parchment cooking method to a new partnership between Schwan's Home Service and award-winning and nationally recognized Asian cuisine chef Jet Tila with the introduction of Chef Jet.
Steamazing!, the invention in 2007 of acclaimed French chef Eric Carré and his wife Chef Dari Carré, offers chef-plated meals packaged in brown paper pouches that can be cooked in the microwave or in a conventional oven. The patented cooking method is a blend of old French technique -- sous vide, a unique form of vacuum cooking -- and new American "pop" culture — microwave popcorn. Convinced that food, and not just popcorn, could be cooked in a paper pouch, the Carré's spent months experimenting in their home test kitchen and discovered that when they arranged food in a specific way, and flash froze it with liquids of different densities, everything in the pouch came to life within minutes of being heated. Steamazing! technology works in two steps. First, microwaves vaporize a layer of liquid that's frozen around the food. This creates a chamber of steam that puffs up the paper pouch. Then, the steam in the pouch activates other liquids frozen in and around the food. Vapors condense on the food's surface and create heat transfer and penetration that literally steam-cook the frozen food through-and-through. Cooking takes less than eight minutes in the microwave, or 30 to 35 minutes in a conventional oven. Once the steaming is complete, all consumers have to do is cut the pouch open and gently slide the food onto a plate.

Chef Jet's new line features two full entrée seafood dishes: Salmon Teriyaki, and Cantonese Steamed Cod with Ginger & Soy.

"We are excited to use the innovative Steamazing! parchment cooking method within our new Jet Tila Asian line of cuisine," said Ellen Griebel, marketing manager at Schwan's Home Service. "Fish can often be tricky to prepare at home, but this revolutionary parchment technology makes it foolproof by providing superior taste and texture every time!"

Chef Jet's new line of authentic Asian-inspired cuisine for Schwan's Home Service is available for purchase at, through the Schwan's Home Service catalog, and by calling 1-888-SCHWANS 
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