Natural Tapioca-based Ingredients Offer Alternatives To Modified Starch

American Key Food Products offers two tapioca-based ingredients, tapioca pearls and granulated tapioca, for thickening and texturizing of puddings, pie fillings, gravies and other popular foods. Made from cassava root, both are natural alternatives to modified starches. Label declaration is simply "tapioca."

Tapioca pearls are mainly used in puddings, creating round, soft, clear particles known as "fish-eyes" which impart a gentle mouthfeel. Green, red and yellow color pearls are also available to create colorful puddings.  Specialized tapioca pearls have also been developed as a filtering agent to dry moisture in cheese whey, and also for use in shredded cheese.  Tapioca pearls with very fine (#8) particles can also be used as carriers for removing the rice bran layer from milled rice and producing rice which does not need pre-washing before cooking.

Granulated tapioca is a thickener and texturizing agent that imparts a more granular texture where desired in puddings, gravies and pie fillings.

Both ingredients are natural pregel starch cook-up products with bland, neutral taste and are non-GMO, kosher certified and gluten-free.  They are made by clean, natural, mechanical processes, without chemicals, and can be included in 95% organic products.
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Starches & flours
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