Complete Shelf Life Management Solution for Meat Applications

Vitiva introduced "Mix & Match" shelf-life management solutions for meat applications. This advanced line includes natural solutions for a variety of problems typically found in meat production such as: rancidity, short shelf life and microbial instability, in an ingredient system that can be mixed and matched to cover a wide range of needs.

Today's meat industries, conventional and organic production alike, are increasingly seeking more "ready-to-use solutions" that are pre-blended, pre-customized and natural, allowing for removal or reduction of all synthetic ingredients in the final product.

Vitiva, a global provider of natural antioxidation solutions, has created its new SyneROX line to address major challenges in food production and preservation. In addition to oxidation management, the new formulations allow for the reduction in use of, or complete removal of acetates and other synthetic antimicrobial stabilizers. In addition, removal of synthetic vitamin C for maintenance of meat products and its replacement can be achieved by choosing special SyneROX with natural vitamin C sources that allow for clean-label status.

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