Holiday Hoopla: Jelly Belly Cooks Up Peppermint-Flavored Jellybeans

Nothing says the holiday season quite like the flavor of candy canes. Fairfield, Calif.-based Jelly Belly Candy Co. cooks up Candy Cane flavor Jelly Belly jellybeans, made with real oil of peppermint. Building on the popularity of peppermint bark during the season, Jelly Belly has also stirred up a Jelly Belly "recipe" of Peppermint Bark, a mix of Dark Chocolate and Candy Cane flavors of Jelly Belly beans. Both flavors are available in bulk bins and 9-oz bags nationwide.
For Jelly Belly fans there's nothing more exciting than discovering a stocking stuffed with flavorful Jelly Belly beans, in fact, the holidays are the second largest selling season for Jelly Belly beans and confections, rivaling spring in popularity.
More holiday specialties from Jelly Belly include Jelly Belly Gift Boxes wrapped up in gorgeous holiday packaging, along with stocking stuffers and seasonal confections. Other new items are a licensed Hello Kitty Candy Jar, Hello Kitty packages packed with flavors adored by the famous feline, and Cocktail Classics Jelly Belly Gift Box.
Specialties from the company are Reindeer Corn, a candy corn in red, green and white, Sugar Plums, and Champagne Bubbles. The company also packages Blueberry and Coconut Jelly Belly beans in a Hanukkah Mix.
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