Organic Kosher Baby Food Expands Baby's Palate

Miami Beach, Fla.-based Petite Select, a division of Nature's Select Food Group, introduces its organic kosher baby food menu. Made from the freshest ingredients and kosher meats, the meals offer a healthy alternative to processed baby food while exposing infants to different flavors, warding off the potential "picky eater" syndrome.

"I wanted to do a culinary taste of around the world for babies," says Ronit Cohen Bentolila, co-founder of Nature's Select Food Group. "You're expanding your little one's palate to be able to absorb different flavors later in life."

Bentolila, who grew up in the Republic of Panama and teaches international cooking classes in Fort Lauderdale, began developing the recipes after a frustrating search for eclectic food for her newborn, so she began making her own. Petite Select baby foods are flash frozen to lock in freshness. A variety of vitamins and minerals are vital in the healthy development of every precious baby, especially during the first formative years, and Petite Select recognizes parents' need for a healthier yet still convenient alternative.

Made with all organic ingredients, Petite Select offers four original meals: Mango Jambo, a medley of mangoes, pears, bananas and amaranth grain (per serving, 120 calories, 1.5g of fat, 3g of fiber, and 4g of protein); Petite Shepherd's Pie, a blend of ground beef, vegetables and tomato sauce, topped with creamy mashed potatoes (per serving, 100 calories, 5g of fat, 2g of fiber, and 5g of protein); Beef Barley, beef with barley, carrots, potatoes and celery (per serving, 110 calories, 4.5g of fat, 2g of fiber, and 5g of protein); and Pasta Bolognese, featuring whole wheat pastina with organic ground turkey in tomato sauce (per serving, 130 calories, 2.5g of fat, 3g of fiber, and 8g of proteinSuggested retail price for two 4-oz. meals is $5.99.

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