Just Desserts: Pitted Black Cherries Picked in Summer; Good Year-Round

American Roland Food Corp. introduced Pitted Black Cherries, all-natural, Kosher cherries with a dark purple color and a traditional European flavor. Roland Pitted Black Cherries, packed in apple juice or light syrup, have a balance of sweet and tart flavors.
According to the company, the Black Cherries are picked and packed during the summer harvest, along with other ripe fruit.

The cherries can be used to create desserts like Cherries Jubilee, as a topping for gelato and sherbet, as the finish to a fruit pie post baking or as a filling for Roland Crepes.
Roland Black Cherries are packed in a 15 oz. can and can be eaten of out the tin, at room temperature or chilled.  Available in Pitted Black Cherries in Light Syrup or Pitted Black Cherries in Apple Juice varieties.

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