Defect Removal System Offers Distinctive Handling for Potato Processing

Unlike other potato processors that use optical sorters to remove defects on their primary lines, Turkish processor Konya Seker relies on an ADR 5 Automatic Defect Removal System from Key Technology. This new application, called the ADR First solution, maximizes product quality and increases yields at Konya Seker.

The ADR 5 identifies the same kinds of defects on potato strips as many optical sorters but the removal of these defects are handled differently. Sorters remove the entire strip that has a defect while ADR cuts the defect from the strip and removes only the defect. Compared to lines with only a sorter, ADR First achieves the same defect removal rate while reducing by-product yield loss by 75 to 80 percent.

The ADR First solution includes a dewatering shaker, sliver sizer remover (SSR), nubbin grader, Iso-Flo infeed shaker, ADR 5, a second nubbin grader, and pump tank. This line produces peeled and peel-on straight cuts and crinkle cuts from 7 to 18 mm in size.

The ADR 5 features high-resolution Vis/IR (visible infrared) cameras, a special belt conveyor, a rotary cutter, and Iso-Flo vibratory conveyors that align, singulate, inspect, and trim potato strips at production rates of up to 9.5 metric tons (20,900 lbs) per hour.
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Key Technology