SpaghettiOs Contain A Full Serving Of Vegetables

Moms have a new reason to love SpaghettiOs canned pastas. Campbell Soup Co., Camden, N.J., brings this classic childhood favorite to market with recipes that meet the FDA and USDA criteria for healthy entrées, which means they are controlled for fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium and contain a significant level of at least two positive nutrients. The real surprise: They also provide a full serving of vegetables (1/2 cup) in every serving.

Over the past two years, Campbell has reduced sodium across its SpaghettiOs line up to 39 percent while maintaining the delicious taste families know and love. Campbell chefs were able to achieve a healthy level of sodium in the pastas by building on their sodium reduction expertise in soups, sauces and beverages.

According to the latest 2010 Dietary Guidelines committee report, only 25 percent of children ages 1-8 consume the recommended number of daily vegetable servings. SpaghettiOs start with ingredients such as vine-ripened tomatoes to give parents convenient and affordable ways to help their kids enjoy more vegetables in their diet.

Each serving also contains at least five essential nutrients such as vitamin A, calcium or fiber, and all plain (non-meat) varieties contain a full serving of grains. All Campbell's SpaghettiOs varieties have updated recipes and feature icons on the front of the label that simply communicate the benefits for moms.

"We know most kids enjoy eating SpaghettiOs as a main meal and not as a side dish. So we created a new recipe that meets all the criteria for a healthy entrée, but is still tasty and fun to eat," says Lisa Walker, vice president of Campbell's condensed soup, broth and Campbell's Kitchen.

Suggested retail price is $1.05 to $1.40.

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