Healthy Choice Soup Reduces Sodium

Nearly 70 percent of consumers rated sodium as the most important health-related factor when selecting soup and 42 percent indicated that all natural ingredients are important, according to Mintel.

In October 2009, Omaha, Neb.-based  ConAgra Foods pledged to reduce sodium across its portfolio of food products by 20 percent by 2015. It has reduced sodium by 15 percent, from 460 milligrams to 390mg per one-cup serving, for its top two varieties of  Healthy Choice soup -  Chicken Noodle and  Chicken with Rice.

Additionally, Healthy Choice introduces three varieties of  All Natural soups with 390mg of sodium per one-cup serving, including  Cheese Tortellini, Red Beans & Rice, and a reformulated  Tomato Basil.

"The entire line of Healthy Choice soup has always met the government guideline for 'healthy' sodium levels, which is a maximum of 480mg per serving, and the five new soups contain about 20 percent less than this amount," says Jane Anders, vice president, research, quality & innovation, ConAgra Foods.

Suggested retail price for a 15-oz can of Healthy Choice soup is $2.19 and a 14-oz microwaveable bowl is $2.49. Both contain two servings.

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