Sea Watch International Introduces Oven Ready Clam Strips

Easton, Md.-based Sea Watch International, the largest harvester and processor of clam products in the world, introduces Oven Ready Clam Strips, a favorite of kids and adults alike since the days of the iconic orange roofed Howard Johnson's. Until now the only way to thoroughly enjoy the tender sweet yet tender taste was to throw them in the fryer. Of course you could bake them in the oven but they never had that awesome combination of tender and crispy that you get from the old deep fryer.

Now you can get that tender crispy crunch from the oven through Sea Watch's revolutionary process; the performance of the oven ready clam strip equals that of a fried product and in some cases is preferred. Sea Watch's new oven ready clam strips are the perfect excuse to put them back on the menu. The cooking instructions can even be altered to accommodate your pizza oven.
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