Protective Atmosphere Gases Preserve Food Freshness Characteristics

Air Liquide America Specialty Gases Aligal gases are designed for use as Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) to benefit a wide variety of food products.

Aligal protective atmospheres help preserve the natural color and flavor of fresh food by promoting low impurity levels and extending shelf life without using chemical additives or preservatives. Aligal inhibits spoilage due to oxidation, bacteria and mold growth that usually occurs when food is exposed to air.

By preserving the freshness characteristics of foods, Aligal food-quality gases empower food processors and retailers to:

  • Reduce product returns
  • Gain greater flexibility in production scheduling
  • Improve product consistency
  • Control inventory more effectively and economically
  • Distribute products over greater distances
  • Improve opportunity for branding of value-added products

Aligal gases meet all food packaging standards and are offered in dedicated single and multiple packs of high-pressure cylinders. Cylinders feature Air Liquide’s SCANDINA cap that improves safety during cylinder transport and use, as well as valves that are factory shrink wrapped to provide tamper-evident safety seals. Chrome residual pressure valves prevent back flow into the cylinder to prevent accidental contamination.

Aligal gases are available in a range of blends appropriate to specific foods including baked goods, dry foods, fresh raw meats, processed meats, dairy products, produce and various prepared foods. They are colorless and odorless and comply with procedure controls and quality assurance throughout the production process. Strict filling and testing procedures assure a consistent and quality product. Aligal products can be easily integrated into a MAP system that includes packaging equipment and film.

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Packaging materials
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