High Capacity, Energy-Efficient Kettle Chip Fryer Now Available

Heat and Control's MasterTherm Kettle Fryer can produce any style of kettle chip with excellent consistency.  Oil heating is gentle and uniform throughout the fryer, yet rapidly adjusts to changes in product load.  The fryer uses a thermal fluid heat exchanger to deliver thermal efficiency to more than 500 finished pounds per hour of batch fried potato chips.

Standard features include continuous fines removal, electro-plated heat exchanger tubes, Chip-Stirr automatic slice agitation system, PLC control for repeatable batch quality, a full-length hood to conserve energy and protect oil quality, a clean-in-place system, and stack Oil Mist Eliminator.

Single and multiple MKTF fryers are available with potato unloading, storage, washing, and peeling equipment, slice feeders, de-oiling centrifuges, seasoning applicators, conveying, inspection and packaging systems.
Product Type:
Cookers, dryers & ovens
Heat and Control