Comax Assists Food and Beverage Manufacturers In Masking Salt Flavor

Comax's Sodium-Masking Flavors are natural, water-soluble ingredients that effectively eliminate the potentially unpleasant, salty taste of isotonic beverages, among other products, while emphasizing the sweetness inherent in the recipe. Sodium-Masking Flavors are also used in some juices, pharmaceutical products, dairy goods and other applications where a certain level of sodium is necessary. Like most of Comax's masking flavors, each sodium-masking formula is custom-designed to suit specific applications. Comax works closely with its customers to help determine the optimal masking flavor for the exact recipe of a given product.

Comax Sodium-Masking Flavors are among the product offerings of the company's FlavorLab Division, which also include other special-purpose flavors like Sweetness Enhancer, Bitter Blocker, Acid Reduction and Caffeine Mask.
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