Journey Bars Are All Natural Travel Bars

Chicago-Based Journey Bar LLC introduces Journey Bar, 100% natural savory-flavored travel bars combining the nutrition of organic whole grains with savory, real-food flavors from around the world. They will excite your tastebuds while providing a satisfying, healthy source of energy that lasts.

"When traveling or out backpacking, a nutrition bar was often the most convenient option for grabbing a quick bite to eat," says Founder/entrepreneur Chris Kerslake. "However, when I was really hungry, I wanted real food, not something that tasted like a candy bar, and there were no savory bars on the market. Additionally, I wanted a bar that could handle a week in a backpack without being crushed or flattened."

What makes it a travel bar? Journey Bar is all-natural, but doesn't contain any ingredients that will melt in warm environments. Next, the balanced texture of the bars makes them an ideal travel companion. They are firm enough to prevent them from being squashed into a gooey mess, but not so crunchy as to get pulverized into powder if they travel at the bottom of your backpack or purse for a week. There is really no other bar quite like it.

Varieties include: Parmesan Romano – Inspired by the flavors of Italy, organic whole grains such as oats, flaxseed, amaranth and millet are combined with Parmesan and Romano; and Coconut Curry – Inspired by the complex and, at times, spicy flavors of Thailand, this mouth-watering bar allows everyone to enjoy the delicious complexities of coconut curry flavors without all of the heat. Other exotic flavors are coming soon.

Suggested retail price is $19 per dozen.
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