SaviSeeds, a Nut Alternative, is Rich in Omega-3s

Port Coquitlam, B.C., Canada-based Sequel Naturals Ltd. introduces SaviSeeds, which look like nuts, taste like nuts and snack like nuts, but are actually a natural nut alternative. These super-seeds from the rainforests of Peru are one of the most nutritionally dense functional foods available and are poised to capture the hearts of health conscious individuals. With a rich source of heart-healthy omega-3s at 7,000mg per serving, gluten-free, naturally loaded with highly concentrated antioxidants, an exceptional source of plant-based protein; each serving is packed with 8g of protein and 20 percent of the RDI of fiber, and at 190 calories per serving, they provide energy-sustaining nourishment at a small caloric cost.

Known as the "Inca Peanut," SaviSeeds are the same sacha inchi seeds that have been enjoyed in Peru for centuries, but are just now coming to North America in three delicious flavors: Cocoa Kissed -- coated in rich dark chocolate; Karmalized -- lightly glazed in sugar cane; and Oh Natural -- dusted in sea salt.

Suggested retail price for a 5-oz bag is $9.99 and $2.99 for a 1-oz snack pack.

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