Early Times Brand Returns To Its Bourbon Roots

After an absence in the U.S. market since 1983, Louisville, Ky.-based Brown-Forman the Early Times brand returns to its bourbon roots with Early Times 354 Bourbon. Crafted with pure water, select grains, proprietary yeast and carefully distilled and matured in select oak barrels, it's the newest (and in a way, the oldest) member of the Early Times family. Early Times 354 joins Early Times Kentucky Whisky in an expansion of the presence of the famous Early Times brand.

The best-selling bourbon in the world in the 1950s, Early Times is "the whisky that made Kentucky whiskies famous," proclaimed its advertising.

"Early Times is the second oldest continually produced Kentucky whisky on the market-- second only to Brown Forman's Old Forester," says Chris Morris, Brown-Forman master distiller. "Early Times 354 Bourbon takes as a part of its names the distillery's famous permit number – 354, the longest held operating permit in Kentucky. Everything about Early Times 354 supports the brand's historic past and reputation for great taste."

As for the tasting notes, the color is a deep amber, aroma is spicy with sweet fruit, fresh oak and delicate corn notes underscored by a layer of vanilla and caramel, taste is lively with spice, caramel and vanilla that melt into a mixture of fresh and dried fruit notes, and finish is warm with subtle hints of apple and corn.

With a unique retro-classic package similar to the 1930's Early Times bottle, suggested retail price for a 750ml bottle is $15.99.

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