Freeze-dried Cheese Makes Adding Real Cheese To Products Easy

Americans love cheese. In fact, we each eat more than 30 pounds of cheese a year. That's more than a slice a day on average. It is no wonder that cheese continues to be a popular ingredient for a multitude of food products and applications. Its rich texture and distinct flavors are enjoyed, even craved, by consumers. On the healthy side, cheese even provides high levels of protein and calcium, and includes other important nutrients like Vitamin A.
However, real cheese poses a challenge for product developers desiring to use it in dry meal packets, instant dry blends, bread mixes, or other similar products. Van Drunen Farms has a solution—Freeze-dried Cheese. It is available in powder or shred format, and in multiple varieties including: Cheddar, Colby, Monterey Jack and Mozzarella. And if your project requires a specialty cheese for a unique look or flavor, do not hesitate to ask, as always, customization is our specialty.
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Cheese & dairy flavors & ingredients
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