Sensient Colors Adds Iridescence to Food Products through SensiPearl Technology

Sensient Colors offers SensiPearl, a pearlescent pigment product line. SensiPearl technology differentiates food products through luster effects, color shifts and iridescent shimmers. These FDA approved mica and titanium dioxide based pigments add innovative visual effects to foods such as cereals, confections, frosting, marshmallows, gelatin desserts, hard and soft candies and chewing gums. SensiPearl is available in a variety of custom colors.

According to the company, SensiPearl technology offers two consumer-driven benefits: SensiPearl creates a pearlized look that adds novelty and is listed on label declarations as a natural ingredient.

SensiPearl is available in a one-step SpectraCoat Pearl Dispersion application. The coating system is evenly distributed and produces a high-gloss appearance, reduces dusting during processing, and may reduce the need for specialized spray equipment.
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Sensient Technologies Corporation