Potato Frying gets a Cleaner Label

Consumers are looking for healthier foods and want to see a cleaner label on the products they consume.

Caravan Ingredients introduces a new application under the Trancendim line of high diglycerides, Trancendim oil for potato frying. Oils using Trancendim for potato par frying produce a product with zero grams trans fat, allowing for a cleaner label by removing palm oil and hydrogenation.

Using Trancendim in potato par frying can decrease saturated fatty acids while providing the necessary structure to prevent freezer clumping and crumbing.  Additionally, using Trancendim has no impact on finished product sensory attributes.  Consumers will get a healthier product, without having to sacrifice on the taste they are accustomed to.

Product Type:
Fats & oils
Corbion Caravan