Integrity Seal Technology To Dramatically Reduce Packaging

International Food Partners introduces Integrity Seal sealing technology for flexible packaging that is expected to save food manufacturers thousands of tons of film per year, while also providing greater seal integrity.

Integrity Seal is a retro fit system for use on vertical form fill seal and horizontal flow wrap machines. The system uses new generation weld technology to produce very narrow bead seals that are 1mm wide compared with conventional crimp seals which are typically 15mm wide. Seals can be hermetic if required, and improve product quality and give longer shelf life.

McCain Foods recently installed Integrity Seal on all its filling machines in its three main factories in the UK

Currently, the Integrity Seal system is in use on frozen foods and whole potatoes, but there is the potential to expand use of this new technology to many other categories including other fresh produce; cereals; crisps, nuts and fruits snack packs; bakery products including cakes and bread; and confectionery.
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Packaging materials
International Food Partners