Beech-Nut And Green Giant Team Up For Nutritious Baby Food Line

Amsterdam, N.Y.-based Beech-Nut introduces a new line of nutritious baby foods featuring Beech-Nut purees co-branded with the Minneapolis-based General Mills Inc. Green Giant brand.

Stage 1 is for beginners, Stage 2 is from about six months and State 3 is from about 8 months. Varieties include: Stage 1 -- Golden Sweet Potatoes, Tender Sweet Carrots and Tender Sweet Peas; Stage 2 -- Tender Golden Sweet Potatoes, Mixed Vegetables, Tender Sweet Peas, Butternut Squash, Tender Sweet Carrots, Tender Young Green Beans and Country Garden Vegetables; Stage 3 -- Homestyle Green Beans, Corn & Rice, Homestyle Sweet Corn & Rice, Homestyle Squash & Zucchini, Homestyle Sweet Potatoes, Homestyle Carrots & Barley and Homestyle Whole Wheat & Garden Vegetables.

"We're proud to have selected varieties of Beech-Nut purees to feature the Green Giant brand," says Evan Eckman, chief marketing officer for Hero North America, parent company of Beech-Nut. "Green Giant shares our lasting commitment to childhood nutrition, superior quality standards and delicious tasting foods. Moms and retailers agree; this is another great value-building innovation from Beech-Nut and its new licensing partner Green Giant."

"Green Giant has been an American favorite vegetable brand for more than 90 years," says Andy Dahlen, Green Giant business unit director, General Mills Inc.

"Moms trust Green Giant vegetables for their family. We're proud to announce our licensing partnership with Beech-Nut, a company that shares our values and heritage."

The Beech-Nut Stage 1 to Stage 3 lines are made with natural ingredients. Beech-Nut, which is the No 2 ranked baby food brand in the U.S., introduced the first vacuum-sealed glass jar of baby food in 1931. Today, Beech-Nut purees are still made with natural ingredients and are exclusively produced in traditional glass jars to naturally lock in essential nutrients and good taste.

Suggested retail price for Stage 1 and Stage 2 products is 52 cents; Stage 3 is 76 cents.

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