Packaging Conveyor Automates Clamshell Closure for Food Products

Hinds-Bock's introduced a new conveyor into its family of products. Its new clamshell closure conveyor features automatic tray denesting, a product loading zone, an automatic closing station as well as an automatic tray locking station.  

The automatic tray denesters are available in several different styles depending upon the type of clamshell tray. The product loading zone can accommodate either manual or automatic loading of processors' product into the clamshell closing conveyor.  Custom discharges are available to accommodate labelers or to change the orientation for feeding into the down-stream packaging system or refrigerator.  

Hinds-Bock conveyors are manufactured of stainless steel and of a hygienic design. These conveyors are available in lengths and widths to suit specific applications. 
Product Type:
Packaging machinery