Frozen Juice Cups Swirl Together for Flavorful, Healthy Snack

Pennsauken, N.J.-based J&J Snack Foods introduces two fun new flavors to its Whole Fruit Premium Frozen 100% Juice Cups line – Orange Pineapple & Cherry Swirl and Mixed Berry & Lemon Swirl. The flavors swirl together to create a deliciously smooth premium frozen juice cup.

J&J Snack Foods A La Carte Smart program promotes healthier snacks and A la Carte school products, and the line hold an A+ rating assuring school foodservice directors, parents and school officials that these products comply with more restrictive wellness policies. Whole Fruit Premium Frozen 100% Juice Cups provide an excellent nutritious, menuable fruit component students' love. Increasing meal participation, as well as meeting wellness guidelines acceptable for A la Carte sales, makes for a winning combination.

Available in a portion-controlled 4-oz. cup, these premium frozen juice cups contain 100% juice and no added sugar. Each cup equals 1/2 cup of single strength juice, which can be credited as a fruit component for the child nutrition program. Additionally, each cup provides 3g fiber, 100 percent vitamin C, 8 percent of calcium and 10 percent vitamin A. Naturally flavored, they are gluten free and do not contain artificial colors.

All six nutritious varieties including: Wild Cherry, Orange Pineapple, Strawberry Pomegranate, Watermelon and new Orange Pineapple & Cherry Swirl and new Mixed Berry & Lemon Swirl, are student approved.
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