Screen Classifying Cutter Controls Particle Sizes

Munson Machinery's SCC-15-B Screen Classifying Cutter reduces hard, soft and/or fibrous materials in controlled size ranges from 3 inches to 20-30 mesh with minimal fines.

The Screen Classifying Cutter features a proprietary rotor design comprised of cutter heads attached to a helical array of staggered holders — called interconnected parallelograms —  that continuously shear oversize materials against twin, stationary bed knives.

The cutter tips, which are available in stainless steel, tool steel and tungsten carbide, can be slid onto blade holders and secured with one retaining socket-head screw, allowing rapid replacement.

The new cutter has a 15 inch throat width that accommodates up to 30 parallelograms with 60 cutter inserts. Perforations of the bed screen range from 1/32 to 1-1/2-inches in diameter and up to 3 inches square, allowing the reduction of materials into uniform particles in sizes down to 20-30 mesh.

Shaft rotation speed is infinitely variable between 30 and 3600 rpm, producing up to 500 cu ft/h (14 cu m/h) of sized product, depending on application.

Munson-SCC-15 cutter

Material is fed through the top of an adjustable, double-baffled intake chute, or directly into the front of the chute through a hinged door. An independently powered, variable speed pinch roller is offered for horizontal feeding of material. Discharge is via gravity, pneumatic transition or independently powered belt or screw conveyor.

Product Type:
Size reduction & cutting equipment
Munson Machinery