CrumbleOn S'mores Crunch Delivers Campfire Taste

Everyone has his or her own s’mores childhood memory because they have been around since 1927, when the first recorded recipe appeared in Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts. It took nearly a century for a company to match the same great flavors in an easy-to-use product for snacks, pancakes and ice cream.
Get the campfire taste of roasted marshmallows sandwiched between chocolate and graham crackers in the new CrumbleOn S’mores Crunch, thanks to McHenry, Ill.-based Meyers Bay Foods Company LLC. CrumbleOns new 100 percent original product began as an "aha" moment with leftovers from a lakeside campfire. Using the basic ingredients of the first s'mores recipe, Mary Jo Bergland chopped marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers and sprinkled them over pancakes, which were an instant hit with visiting guests. Having developed more than 2,000 recipes over the years as a food columnist for the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Sun Times and operating a cooking school, Mary Jo knew immediately the concept was a hit and could be a saleable product. Finding nothing like S'mores Crunch on the Internet, she shared the concept with husband Gary, a retired business executive, and neighbor Tom Henry, retired director of R&D for ConAgra.

It wasn’t long before the three partners retired from retirement to take this concept to market, and they worked on the three original s'mores ingredients of chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers for one-and-a-half years before their first commercial-grade production run by a Chicago-based co-packer.

Small pieces of chocolate-coated graham crackers and marshmallows make S’mores Crunch an easy-to-use ingredient for stir-ins or simply snacking. Pancakes take on a whole new flavor with their addition, and children love S’mores Crunch Baby Cakes because they don’t need syrup or butter; they can be eaten like a cookie. Sprinkle S’mores Crunch on hot fudge or strawberry sundaes for a new topping on an old favorite, crush and use as a crumb crust under ice cream or cream pies, or stir into yogurt for a quick crunchy treat. 

You can find CrumbleOns S’mores Crunch pancakes on menus in pancake houses; ice cream and yogurt shops feature them as sundae toppings and frozen blast drinks, and they are available for purchase at the Meyers Bay Foods Co.
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