Hostess Brands Inc. introduces Frosted Devil's Food Cake Donettes

Granted, the powdered sugar is a little messy, maybe not the best thing for your upholstery, but for millions of Americans, it's all part of the irresistible charm of Hostess Donettes, made by Hostess Brands Inc., Irving, Texas. Since being introduced in the 1930s, the little gems have attracted fans in many circles — from hungry commuters to lunchbox-toting tikes. And while Hostess didn't create the world's first donut, Donettes, are among the most popular donuts in the world.

Hostess introduces one of its newest food products: Frosted Devil's Food Cake Donettes, moist devil's food cake mini donuts dipped in a chocolate-flavored coating. It is an indulgent and heavenly addition to the line.

"Donettes continue to be one of our most popular sweet baked goods. In fact, Hostess produces more than two billion per year -- enough to wrap around the Earth three times,"says Mike Touhey, vice president of snack marketing. "We are excited to give Hostess consumers another delicious indulgence to share with their friends and families.”

Suggested price is $2.99 for dunkie bags and $1.49 for single-serve sleeves.

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