Fomz Fruit-Infused Food and Beverage Foam Makes its Debut

Tempe, Ariz.-based Sun Orchard and Chef Richard Keys launch Fomz, a one-of-a-kind, fruit-infused food and beverage foam. Made with fresh fruit, fruit juice, pure cane sugar and air, Fomz is low-fat, dairy- and alcohol-free. This unique refrigerated product, packaged in easy-to-use canisters, has a 100-day shelf life, and has only four calories per serving.

It’s a great way to add a blast of intense flavor to any organization’s Health and Wellness Program, children’s beverages and specialty beverage platform, and the company has the ability to customize flavors for large customers. Fomz inspires foodies to get creative -- to think beyond the same old same old. Unique flavor combinations open up new possibilities for food and beverage development and are designed to easily integrate into existing menus.

Varieties include lemon lime, pineapple papaya, passion fruit mango, wild berry and peach grapefruit cranberry.

“We’re incredibly excited to offer a unique product with so many useful applications to the foodservice industry,” says Marc Isaacs, president and CEO of Sun Orchard. “We take pride in developing customized and innovative solutions for each of our clients. Fomz is a delicious application that can be used across the board on desserts, in beverages, and even on its own.”

Sun Orchard partnered with Chef Richard Keys to create Fomz, the independent company, and world’s sole provider of this innovative product. Chef Keys and company dreamed up the frothy fruit foam as an application for their clients in fast-casual restaurants, bars and nightclubs, and fine dining establishments alike.

“We are thrilled to introduce Fomz to the food and beverage industry,” said Chef Keys. “FOMZ is a fun new product which will not only bring excitement to consumers, but more importantly, will change the way we eat and drink today. Fomz will replace high-calorie toppings such as whipped cream with a more flavorful, healthier alternative.” 

Hopefully, this will be available at retail in the near future.
Price is $6.00 per 16 oz. can.
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