Ishida Weigher Packages Fruits and Vegetables Quickly With Less Giveaway

Food processors can package fresh-cut salads, fruits, and vegetables faster and with less giveaway using Heat and Control's Ishida CCW-R-214 S/70 weigher.  Automatic feeder tuning and special non-stick surfaces transfer product through the weigher.  Maintenance-intensive anti-clogging devices are not required.  

Ishida S/70 weighers deliver bag weights up to 10.9 pounds with near-zero product giveaway.  The weigher's washdown construction meets strict sanitation standards in USDA inspected environments.  

All product contact parts can be removed without tools.  Easy-to-use remote control with Windows XP operating system is available with network control, e-mail, photo and live video monitoring of product feeders.
Product Type:
Heat and Control