Hinds-Bock Introduces Muffin Batter Depositing Machines

Hinds-Bock's "Automatic Answer" muffin batter depositing machines provide high production from a compact automatic machine. 

The industrial muffin lines produce up to 18,000 pounds per hour and include pan oiling, paper cup denesters, single or multiple batter depositors with diving positive shut-off spouts, bulk loading, intermediate hoppers and dry ingredient depositors.  Batter depositors feature diving positive shut-off spouts for bottom up filling. This prevents stringing or trailing of batters and allows for clean handling of even the thickest products. Spout centerlines are adjustable with no extra tooling required.

According to the company, lines can be configured to meet food processors' production and plant requirements. They are ideal for high volume bakers or plants with varieties of muffins, cupcakes, cakes, or specialty loaf cakes.

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