Kids and Adults Get Cozy With Kozy Shack Smart Gel Packs

In light of the recent news reports on artificial food coloring in many supermarket products, SmartGels Kids and SmartGels Sugar Free from Hicksville, N.Y.-based Kozy Shack stand out as an excellent option for consumers who question the ingredients on products they routinely add to their shopping carts. This naturally flavored gel contains no artificial colors or flavors and it's the perfect "anytime" treat.

Fun flavors in the SmartGels Kids line include: Strawberry, Cherry, Sour Watermelon and Grape. Weighing in at 90 calories or less, it is gluten free, contains no high fructose corn syrup and is vegetarian and kosher.
For those watching their calories or sugar consumption, SmartGels Sugar Free is a great snack with 10 calories or less, contains no artificial colors or flavors, is gluten free, vegetarian and kosher. It's a sweet indulgence available in Orange, Strawberry and Tropical flavors, and won't cost much at the calorie bank.
Suggested retail price for a 6-pack is $3.69.
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