Pepperidge Farm Launches Baked Naturals Cracker Chips

To snack or not to snack is the question for many consumers when mid-afternoon cravings strike. Fortunately, you can feel better about snacking with a healthier option that tastes great.

Pepperidge Farm Inc., Norwalk, Conn., a part of Campbell Soup Co., launches Pepperidge Farm Baked Naturals Cracker Chips. With 60-65 percent less fat per serving than the leading potato chip, always-baked Cracker Chips are a wholesome snack alternative.

Available in two flavors, Simply Cheddar (130 calories for 27 pieces) and Simply Multigrain (140 calories for 27 pieces), both varieties contain 18g of whole grains per serving and no artificial flavors or preservatives, so people no longer need to choose between snacks that taste good and snacks that they can feel good about eating. They can snack without compromising.

Wholesome snacking is a challenge. According to a recent study by Wakefield Research for Pepperidge Farm, 67 percent of women surveyed agreed that when it comes to snacking, it's difficult to find a snack that is both wholesome and satisfying. Even more revealing, 68 percent reported that they are more likely to choose something that tastes good over something that is good for them. While many women stated that they only snack when hungry, 39 percent admitted to nibbling when they are bored and 34 percent confess to munching during stressful moments.

Which taste best satisfies snack cravings? According to the study, the three most satisfying snack tastes are salty (28 percent), sweet (27 percent) and crunchy (23 percent), while the three least satisfying snack tastes are savory (11 percent), chewy (6 percent) and spicy (5 percent). Baked Naturals Cracker Chips' slightly salty, crunchy taste satisfies more than half of all women's snacking preferences. Even though 49 percent feel "energized" and 11 percent feel "relaxed" after grabbing a pre-dinner snack, not all women experience positive feelings – one in five women (20 percent) report feeling "guilty" following a post-lunch snack.

"Pepperidge Farm is delighted to offer consumers a delicious snack option that they can feel good about," says Vice President Steve White. "With the whole-grain goodness of a cracker in a great-tasting, light and crispy chip, Cracker Chips are a perfect addition to the wholesome Baked Naturals line."

Suggested retail price is $3.49.

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