Seneca Farms Introduces Gluten-Free Snack Chips

Yakima, Wash.-based Seneca Farms introduces a gluten-free line of snack chips, including Apple Chips, Sweet Potato Chips, and Crisp Onions.These snacks are manufactured at the company's Yakima Plant, which recently implemented a strict gluten-free processing environment. Seneca's Gluten-free policy ensures that products are manufactured in line with the needs of consumers with special diets.

Seneca Farms Crisp Onions are not breaded, making them the perfect gluten-free addition to bring extra crunch to soups, salads, everyday meals and holiday dishes. Plus, the many different flavors of Seneca's Apple Chips and Sweet Potato Chips provide the perfect, portable snack for the entire family.
"Our goal at Seneca is to provide great-tasting, healthier snack options for everyone, says Katherine Sheldon, VP of category management. "Our gluten-free processing environment ensures that even more consumers can now enjoy our Sweet Potato Chips, Apple Chips and Crisp Onions. Reports show that more and more people are selecting gluten-free products. Seneca's snacks meet that need and provide consumers with tasty, yet healthier, snack alternatives,"

Suggested retail price for Apple Chips and Sweet Potato Chips is $2.49; Crisp Onions retail for $2.99.
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